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Physical characteristics of subsonic jets in a cross-stream

  • P. Chassaing (a1), J. George (a1), A. Claria (a1) and F. Sananes (a1)


This paper deals with local flow characteristics of subsonic turbulent jets in the presence of a cross-flow. For the various types of jet considered (a cylindrical jet and coaxial jets) the experimental results concern the axes and the velocity profiles in the plane of symmetry of the flow. In the case of the cylindrical jet, the shape of the universal axial velocity profile is defined, as are the law of velocity decay along the axis and the laws of variation of the thicknesses of the jet. Finally, the existence of a link between the axis equation and the law of axial velocity decay in the zone of similarity of the velocity profiles is established.



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Physical characteristics of subsonic jets in a cross-stream

  • P. Chassaing (a1), J. George (a1), A. Claria (a1) and F. Sananes (a1)


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