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On the relevance of Reynolds stresses in resolvent analyses of turbulent wall-bounded flows

  • Pierluigi Morra (a1), Onofrio Semeraro (a2), Dan S. Henningson (a1) and Carlo Cossu (a3)


The ability of linear stochastic response analysis to estimate coherent motions is investigated in turbulent channel flow at the friction Reynolds number $\text{Re}_{\unicode[STIX]{x1D70F}}=1007$ . The analysis is performed for spatial scales characteristic of buffer-layer and large-scale motions by separating the contributions of different temporal frequencies. Good agreement between the measured spatio-temporal power spectral densities and those estimated by means of the resolvent is found when the effect of turbulent Reynolds stresses, modelled with an eddy-viscosity associated with the turbulent mean flow, is included in the resolvent operator. The agreement is further improved when the flat forcing power spectrum (white noise) is replaced with a power spectrum matching the measures. Such a good agreement is not observed when the eddy-viscosity terms are not included in the resolvent operator. In this case, the estimation based on the resolvent is unable to select the right peak frequency and wall-normal location of buffer-layer motions. Similar results are found when comparing truncated expansions of measured streamwise velocity power spectral densities based on a spectral proper orthogonal decomposition to those obtained with optimal resolvent modes.


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On the relevance of Reynolds stresses in resolvent analyses of turbulent wall-bounded flows

  • Pierluigi Morra (a1), Onofrio Semeraro (a2), Dan S. Henningson (a1) and Carlo Cossu (a3)


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