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Nonlinear effects in steady supersonic dissipative gasdynamics. Part 2. Three-dimensional axisymmetric flow

  • T. H. Chong (a1) and L. Sirovich (a1)


Steady, supersonic, dissipative, three-dimensional, axisymmetric flow is considered. A system of Burgers-type equations is shown to govern the flow field. In inviscid regions the Whitham theory gives the limiting form. Dissipative effects ultimately engulf the inviscid zone and at sufficiently large distances from the body the flow is governed by linear dissipative theory. The flow field is divided into zones based on the presence or absence of nonlinearity and dissipation. Estimates and criteria which describe the extent of these zones are given.



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Nonlinear effects in steady supersonic dissipative gasdynamics. Part 2. Three-dimensional axisymmetric flow

  • T. H. Chong (a1) and L. Sirovich (a1)


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