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A multimodal method for liquid sloshing in a two-dimensional circular tank



Two-dimensional forced liquid sloshing in a circular tank is studied by the multimodal method which uses an expansion in terms of the natural modes of free oscillations in the unforced tank. Incompressible inviscid liquid, irrotational flow and linear free-surface conditions are assumed. Accurate natural sloshing modes are constructed in an analytical form. Based on these modes, the ‘multimodal’ velocity potential of both steady-state and transient forced liquid motions exactly satisfies the body-boundary condition, captures the corner-point behaviour between the mean free surface and the tank wall and accurately approximates the free-surface conditions. The constructed multimodal solution provides an accurate description of the linear forced liquid sloshing. Surface wave elevations and hydrodynamic loads are compared with known experimental and nonlinear computational fluid dynamics results. The linear multimodal sloshing solution demonstrates good agreement in transient conditions of small duration, but fails in steady-state nearly-resonant conditions. Importance of the free-surface nonlinearity with increasing tank filling is explained.


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A multimodal method for liquid sloshing in a two-dimensional circular tank



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