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Marangoni convection in droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces

  • DANIEL TAM (a1), VOLKMAR von ARNIM (a2), G. H. McKINLEY (a2) and A. E. HOSOI (a2)


We consider a small droplet of water sitting on top of a heated superhydrophobic surface. A toroidal convection pattern develops in which fluid is observed to rise along the surface of the spherical droplet and to accelerate downwards in the interior towards the liquid/solid contact point. The internal dynamics arise due to the presence of a vertical temperature gradient; this leads to a gradient in surface tension which in turn drives fluid away from the contact point along the interface. We develop a solution to this thermocapillary-driven Marangoni flow analytically in terms of streamfunctions. Quantitative comparisons between analytical and experimental results, as well as effective heat transfer coefficients, are presented.


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Marangoni convection in droplets on superhydrophobic surfaces

  • DANIEL TAM (a1), VOLKMAR von ARNIM (a2), G. H. McKINLEY (a2) and A. E. HOSOI (a2)


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