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Low Reynolds number k—ε modelling with the aid of direct simulation data

  • W. Rodi (a1) and N. N. Mansour (a2)


The constant Cμ and the near-wall damping function fμ in the eddy-viscosity relation of the k–ε model are evaluated from direct numerical simulation (DNS) data for developed channel and boundary-layer flow, each at two Reynolds numbers. Various existing fμ model functions are compared with the DNS data, and a new function is fitted to the high-Reynolds-number channel flow data. The ε-budget is computed for the fully developed channel flow. The relative magnitude of the terms in the ε-equation is analysed with the aid of scaling arguments, and the parameter governing this magnitude is established. Models for the sum of all source and sink terms in the ε-equation are tested against the DNS data, and an improved model is proposed.



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Low Reynolds number k—ε modelling with the aid of direct simulation data

  • W. Rodi (a1) and N. N. Mansour (a2)


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