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Linearized dynamics of spherical bubble clouds

  • Luca D'Agostino (a1) and Christopher E. Brennen (a1)


The present work investigates the dynamics of the one-dimensional, unsteady flow of a spherical bubble cloud subject to harmonic far-field pressure excitation. Bubble dynamics effects and energy dissipation due to viscosity, heat transfer, liquid compressibility and relative motion of the two phases are included. The equations of motion for the average flow and the bubble radius are linearized and a closed-form solution is obtained. The results are then generalized by means of Fourier synthesis to the case of arbitrary far-field pressure excitation. The flow displays various regimes (sub-resonant, trans-resonant and super-resonant) with different properties depending on the value of the relevant flow parameters. Examples are discussed in order to show the effects of the inclusion of the various energy dissipation mechanisms. Finally the results for the case of Gaussian-shaped far-field pressure change are presented and the most important limitations of the theory are briefly discussed. The simple linearized dynamical analysis developed so far clearly demonstrates the importance of the complex phenomena connected to the interaction of the dynamics of the bubbles with the flow and provides an introduction to the more realistic study of the same flows with nonlinear bubble dynamics.



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Linearized dynamics of spherical bubble clouds

  • Luca D'Agostino (a1) and Christopher E. Brennen (a1)


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