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Large-scale streaky structures in turbulent jets

  • Petrônio A. S. Nogueira (a1), André V. G. Cavalieri (a1), Peter Jordan (a2) and Vincent Jaunet (a2)


Streaks have been found to be an important part of wall-turbulence dynamics. In this paper, we extend the analysis for unbounded shear flows, in particular a Mach 0.4 round jet, using measurements taken using dual-plane, time-resolved, stereoscopic particle image velocimetry (PIV) taken at pairs of jet cross-sections, allowing the evaluation of the cross-spectral density of streamwise velocity fluctuations resolved into azimuthal Fourier modes. From the streamwise velocity results, two analyses are performed: the evaluation of wavenumber spectra (assuming Taylor’s hypothesis for the streamwise coordinate) and a spectral proper orthogonal decomposition (SPOD) of the velocity field using PIV planes in several axial stations. The methods complement each other, leading to the conclusion that large-scale streaky structures are also present in turbulent jets where they experience large growth in the streamwise direction, energetic structures extending up to eight diameters from the nozzle exit. Leading SPOD modes highlight the large-scale, streaky shape of the structures, whose aspect ratio (streamwise over azimuthal length) is approximately 15. The data were further analysed using SPOD, resolvent and transient growth analyses, good agreement being observed between the models and the leading SPOD mode for the wavenumbers considered. The models also indicate that the lift-up mechanism is active in turbulent jets, with streamwise vortices leading to streaks. The results show that large-scale streaks are a relevant part of the jet dynamics.


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Large-scale streaky structures in turbulent jets

  • Petrônio A. S. Nogueira (a1), André V. G. Cavalieri (a1), Peter Jordan (a2) and Vincent Jaunet (a2)


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