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Higher eigenstates in boundary-layer stability theory

  • D. Corner (a1), D. J. R. Houston (a1) and M. A. S. Ross (a1)


Using the Orr-Sommerfeld equation with the wavenumber as the eigenvalue, a search for higher eigenstates in the stability theory of the Blasius boundary layer has revealed the existence of a number of viscous states in addition to the long established fundamental state. The viscous states are discrete, belong to two series, and are all heavily damped in space. Within the limits of the investigation the number of viscous states existing in the layer increases as the Reynolds number and the angular frequency of the perturbation increase. It is suggested that the viscous eigenstates may be responsible for the excitation of some boundary-layer disturbances by disturbances in the free stream.



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Higher eigenstates in boundary-layer stability theory

  • D. Corner (a1), D. J. R. Houston (a1) and M. A. S. Ross (a1)


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