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Gas flows through constricted shallow micro-channels

  • A. GAT (a1), I. FRANKEL (a1) and D. WEIHS (a1)


We study the viscous compressible flow through micro-channels of non-uniform cross-section. A lubrication approximation is applied to analyse the flow through shallow configurations whose gap width is small in comparison with the other characteristic dimensions. Focusing on channels with a symmetric constriction (or cavity) we obtain the solution to the problem by means of a Schwarz–Christoffel transformation. This analytic solution is verified by examining the convergence of numerical simulations with diminishing Reynolds number and gap width. Explicit closed-form expressions for the pressure-head and mass-flow-rate losses in terms of the geometrical parameters characterizing the constriction are presented and discussed in the context of experimental data existing in the literature.



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Gas flows through constricted shallow micro-channels

  • A. GAT (a1), I. FRANKEL (a1) and D. WEIHS (a1)


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