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Entropy maximization tendency in topographic turbulence

  • Jieping Zou (a1) and Greg Holloway (a1)


Numerical simulations of geostrophic turbulence above topography are used to compare (a) nonlinear generation of system entropy, S, (b) selective damping of enstrophy and (c) development of vorticity–topography correlation. In the damped cases, S initially increases, approaching a quasi-equilibrium (maximum S subject to the instantaneous, though decaying, energy and enstrophy). When strongly scale-selective damping is applied, onset of the vorticity–topography correlation follows the timescales for enstrophy decay. During the period of decay, it is shown that nonlinear interaction continues to generate S, offsetting in part the loss of S to explicit damping.



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Entropy maximization tendency in topographic turbulence

  • Jieping Zou (a1) and Greg Holloway (a1)


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