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The effects of geometry and heating rate on thermocapillary convection in the liquid bridge

  • Qi Kang (a1) (a2), Di Wu (a1), Li Duan (a1) (a2), Liang Hu (a1), Jia Wang (a1), Pu Zhang (a1) and Wenrui Hu (a1) (a2)...


The experimental study on thermocapillary convection in liquid bridges of large Prandtl number has been carried out on Tiangong-2 in space. The purpose of these experiments is to study the oscillation instability of thermocapillary convection, and to discover and recognize the mechanism of destabilization of thermocapillary convection in the microgravity environment in space. In this paper, the geometry of a half-floating-zone liquid bridge is featured by the aspect ratio Ar and volume ratio Vr, and its influence on critical conditions of oscillatory thermocapillary convection is studied. More than 700 sets of space experiments have been finished. The critical conditions and oscillation characteristics of thermocapillary convection instability in the ArVr parameter space have been fully obtained under microgravity conditions for the first time. It is found that the ArVr parameter space can be divided into two regions of different critical conditions and oscillation characteristics: the region of low frequency oscillation, and the region of high frequency oscillation. More importantly, we obtain the complete configuration of these two stability neutral curves, and find that the low frequency mode is a ‘’ type curve. Based on this, we discuss the influence of heating rate on the oscillation mode. It is found that the heating rate affects the selection of critical mode, which results in a jump change of critical temperature difference. The findings of this study are helpful to better understand the critical modes and transition processes of thermocapillary convection in liquid bridges with different configurations.


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The effects of geometry and heating rate on thermocapillary convection in the liquid bridge

  • Qi Kang (a1) (a2), Di Wu (a1), Li Duan (a1) (a2), Liang Hu (a1), Jia Wang (a1), Pu Zhang (a1) and Wenrui Hu (a1) (a2)...


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