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Dynamo action in complex flows: the quick and the fast



We consider the kinematic dynamo problem for a velocity field consisting of a mixture of turbulence and coherent structures. For these flows the dynamo growth rate is determined by a competition between the large flow structures that have large magnetic Reynolds number but long turnover times and the small ones that have low magnetic Reynolds number but short turnover times. We introduce the concept of a quick dynamo as one that reaches its maximum growth rate in some (small) neighbourhood of its critical magnetic Reynolds number. We argue that if the coherent structures are quick dynamos, the overall dynamo growth rate can be predicted by looking at those flow structures that have spatial and temporal scales such that their magnetic Reynolds number is just above critical. We test this idea numerically by studying 2.5-dimensional dynamo action which allows extreme parameter values to be considered. The required velocities, consisting of a mixture of turbulence with a given spectrum and long-lived vortices (coherent structures), are obtained by solving the active scalar equations. By using spectral filtering we demonstrate that the scales responsible for dynamo action are consistent with those predicted by the theory.



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Dynamo action in complex flows: the quick and the fast



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