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Dynamics of thin liquid films on vertical cylindrical fibres

  • H. Ji (a1), C. Falcon (a1), A. Sadeghpour (a2), Z. Zeng (a2), Y. S. Ju (a2) and A. L. Bertozzi (a1) (a2)...


Recent experiments on thin films flowing down a vertical fibre with varying nozzle diameters present a wealth of new dynamics that illustrate the need for more advanced theory. We present a detailed analysis using a full lubrication model that includes slip boundary conditions, nonlinear curvature terms and a film stabilization term. This study brings to focus the presence of a stable liquid layer playing an important role in the full dynamics. We propose a combination of these physical effects to explain the observed velocity and stability of travelling droplets in the experiments and their transition to isolated droplets. This is also supported by stability analysis of the travelling wave solution of the model.


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