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Dynamics of expansion and collapse of explosive two-dimensional bubbles

  • Jérôme Duplat (a1)


An explosive gas mixture of hydrogen and oxygen is introduced in liquid water between two horizontal walls, forming a flat cylindrical bubble. Ignition and explosion of the bubble lead to a large depressurized cavity that finally implodes. We investigate the dynamics of the bubble collapse, which is qualitatively similar to the collapse of a spherical bubble. It exhibits a slightly weaker singularity than for spherical bubbles. We also analyse the explosion process. Starting with an initial radius $R_{0}$ , the bubble reaches a maximal radius $R_{max}$ that depends on the gap thickness $h$ between the two walls: for a thinner gap, the condensation of water vapour is more efficient, the overpressure consecutive to the combustion is weaker, and its duration is shorter. This leads to a smaller maximal radius $R_{max}$ . An indirect measurement of the transport coefficient of hot water vapour can be inferred from this observation.


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Dynamics of expansion and collapse of explosive two-dimensional bubbles

  • Jérôme Duplat (a1)


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