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Dynamics of an acoustically levitated particle using the lattice Boltzmann method

  • G. BARRIOS (a1) and R. RECHTMAN (a1)


When the acoustic force inside a cavity balances the gravitational force on a particle the result is known as acoustic levitation. Using the lattice Boltzmann equation method we find the acoustic force acting on a rounded particle for two different single-axis acoustic levitators in two dimensions, the first with plane waves, the second with a rounded reflector that enhances the acoustic force. With no gravitational force, a particle oscillates around a pressure node; in the presence of gravity the oscillation is shifted a small vertical distance below the pressure node. This distance increases linearly as the density ratio between the solid particle and fluid grows. For both cavities, the particle oscillates with the frequency of the sound source and its harmonics and in some cases there is a much smaller second dominant frequency. When the momentum of the acoustic source changes, the oscillation around the average vertical position can have both frequencies mentioned above. However, if this quantity is large enough, the oscillations of the particle are aperiodic in the cavity with a rounded reflector.



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Dynamics of an acoustically levitated particle using the lattice Boltzmann method

  • G. BARRIOS (a1) and R. RECHTMAN (a1)


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