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Coupled systems of two-dimensional turbulence

  • Rick Salmon (a1)


Ordinary two-dimensional turbulence corresponds to a Hamiltonian dynamics that conserves energy and the vorticity on fluid particles. This paper considers coupled systems of two-dimensional turbulence with three distinct governing dynamics. One is a Hamiltonian dynamics that conserves the vorticity on fluid particles and a quantity analogous to the energy that causes the system members to develop a strong correlation in velocity. The other two dynamics considered are non-Hamiltonian. One conserves the vorticity on particles but has no conservation law analogous to energy conservation; the other conserves energy and enstrophy but it does not conserve the vorticity on fluid particles. The coupled Hamiltonian system behaves like two-dimensional turbulence, even to the extent of forming isolated coherent vortices. The other two dynamics behave very differently, but the behaviours of all four dynamics are accurately predicted by the methods of equilibrium statistical mechanics.


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Coupled systems of two-dimensional turbulence

  • Rick Salmon (a1)


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