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Computationally generated constitutive models for particle phase rheology in gas-fluidized suspensions

  • Yile Gu (a1), Ali Ozel (a1) (a2), Jari Kolehmainen (a1) and Sankaran Sundaresan (a1)


Developing constitutive models for particle phase rheology in gas-fluidized suspensions through rigorous statistical mechanical methods is very difficult when complex inter-particle forces are present. In the present study, we pursue a computational approach based on results obtained through Eulerian–Lagrangian simulations of the fluidized state. Simulations were performed in a periodic domain for non-cohesive and mildly cohesive (Geldart Group A) particles. Based on the simulation results, we propose modified closures for pressure, bulk viscosity, shear viscosity and the rate of dissipation of pseudo-thermal energy. For non-cohesive particles, results in the high granular temperature $T$ regime agree well with constitutive expressions afforded by the kinetic theory of granular materials, demonstrating the validity of the methodology. The simulations reveal a low $T$ regime, where the inter-particle collision time is determined by gravitational fall between collisions. Inter-particle cohesion has little effect in the high $T$ regime, but changes the behaviour appreciably in the low $T$ regime. At a given $T$ , a cohesive particle system manifests a lower pressure at low particle volume fractions when compared to non-cohesive systems; at higher volume fractions, the cohesive assemblies attain higher coordination numbers than the non-cohesive systems, and experience greater pressures. Cohesive systems exhibit yield stress, which is weakened by particle agitation, as characterized by $T$ . All these effects are captured through simple modifications to the kinetic theory of granular materials for non-cohesive materials.


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Computationally generated constitutive models for particle phase rheology in gas-fluidized suspensions

  • Yile Gu (a1), Ali Ozel (a1) (a2), Jari Kolehmainen (a1) and Sankaran Sundaresan (a1)


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