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The compressible vortex pair

  • S. D. Heister (a1) (a2), J. M. Mcdonough (a1) (a3), A. R. Karagozian (a1) and D. W. Jenkins (a1)


A numerical solution for the flow field associated with a compressible pair of counter-rotating vortices is developed. The compressible, two-dimensional potential equation is solved utilizing the numerical method of Osher et al. (1985) for flow regions in which a non-zero density exists. Close to the vortex centres, vacuum ‘cores’ develop owing to the existence of a maximum achievable flow speed in a compressible flow field. A special treatment is required to represent these vacuum cores. Typical streamline patterns and core boundaries are obtained for upstream Mach numbers as high as 0.3, and the formation of weak shocks, predicted by Moore & Pullin (1987), is observed.



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The compressible vortex pair

  • S. D. Heister (a1) (a2), J. M. Mcdonough (a1) (a3), A. R. Karagozian (a1) and D. W. Jenkins (a1)


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