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Complex dynamics in a stratified lid-driven square cavity flow

  • Ke Wu (a1), Bruno D. Welfert (a1) and Juan M. Lopez (a1)


The dynamic response to shear of a fluid-filled square cavity with stable temperature stratification is investigated numerically. The shear is imposed by the constant translation of the top lid, and is quantified by the associated Reynolds number. The stratification, quantified by a Richardson number, is imposed by maintaining the temperature of the top lid at a higher constant temperature than that of the bottom, and the side walls are insulating. The Navier–Stokes equations under the Boussinesq approximation are solved, using a pseudospectral approximation, over a wide range of Reynolds and Richardson numbers. Particular attention is paid to the dynamical mechanisms associated with the onset of instability of steady state solutions, and to the complex and rich dynamics occurring beyond.


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Supplementary materials

Wu Supplementary Movie 1
Animations over one period of the deviations of the streamfunction from its mean for the limit cycle L5, L3 and L2 at Re and Ri as indicated.

 Video (2.7 MB)
2.7 MB
Supplementary materials

Wu Supplementary Movie 2
Animations over one period of the deviations of the horizontal temperature from its means for the limit cycles L1 and L2 at Re and Ri as indicated.

 Video (5.4 MB)
5.4 MB
Supplementary materials

Wu Supplementary Movie 3
Animations over 0.01 viscous time of the horizontal temperature of non-periodic states at Re=5000 and Ri as indicated.

 Video (25.2 MB)
25.2 MB

Complex dynamics in a stratified lid-driven square cavity flow

  • Ke Wu (a1), Bruno D. Welfert (a1) and Juan M. Lopez (a1)


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