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Combustion noise is scale-free: transition from scale-free to order at the onset of thermoacoustic instability

  • Meenatchidevi Murugesan (a1) and R. I. Sujith (a1)


We investigate the scale invariance of combustion noise generated from turbulent reacting flows in a confined environment using complex networks. The time series data of unsteady pressure, which is the indicative of spatiotemporal changes happening in the combustor, is converted into complex networks using the visibility algorithm. We show that the complex networks obtained from the low-amplitude, aperiodic pressure fluctuations during combustion noise have scale-free structure. The power-law distributions of connections in the scale-free network are related to the scale invariance of combustion noise. We also show that the scale-free feature of combustion noise disappears and order emerges in the complex network topology during the transition from combustion noise to combustion instability. The use of complex networks enables us to formalize the identification of the pattern (i.e. scale-free to order) during the transition from combustion noise to thermoacoustic instability as a structural change in topology of the network.


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