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Combined effects of flow curvature and rotation on uniformly sheared turbulence

  • D. C. ROACH (a1) and A. G. L. HOLLOWAY (a2)


This paper describes an experiment in which a uniformly sheared turbulence was subjected to simultaneous streamwise flow curvature and rotation about the streamwise axis. The distortion of the turbulence is complex but well defined and may serve as a test case for turbulence model development. The uniformly sheared turbulence was developed in a straight wind tunnel and then passed into a curved tunnel section. At the start of the curved section the plane of the mean shear was normal to the plane of curvature so as to create a three-dimensional or ‘out of plane’ curvature configuration. On entering the curved tunnel, the flow developed a streamwise mean vorticity that rotated the mean shear about the tunnel centreline through approximately 70°, so that the shear was nearly in the plane of curvature and oriented so as to have a stabilizing effect on the turbulence. Hot wire measurements of the mean velocity, mean vorticity, mean rate of strain and Reynolds stress anisotropy development along the wind tunnel centreline are reported. The observed effect of the mean shear rotation on the turbulence was to diminish the shear stress in the plane normal to the plane of curvature while generating non-zero values of the shear stress in the plane of curvature. A rotating frame was identified for which the measured mean velocity field took the form of a simple shear flow. The turbulence anisotropy was transformed to this frame to estimate the effects of frame rotation on the structure of sheared turbulence.


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Combined effects of flow curvature and rotation on uniformly sheared turbulence

  • D. C. ROACH (a1) and A. G. L. HOLLOWAY (a2)


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