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A cloud of rigid fibres sedimenting in a viscous fluid



Experiments and numerical simulations have been performed to investigate the deformation and break-up of a cloud of rigid fibres falling under gravity through a viscous fluid in the absence of inertia and interfacial tension. The cloud of fibres is observed to evolve into a torus that subsequently becomes unstable and breaks up into secondary droplets which themselves deform into tori in a repeating cascade. This behaviour is similar to that of clouds of spherical particles, though the evolution of the cloud of fibres occurs more rapidly. The simulations, which use two different levels of approximation of the far-field hydrodynamic interactions, capture the evolution of the cloud and demonstrate that the coupling between the self-motion and hydrodynamically induced fluctuations are responsible for the faster break-up time of the cloud. The dynamics of the cloud are controlled by a single parameter which is related to the self-motion of the anisotropic particles. The experiments confirm these findings.


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