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The behaviour of a gas cavity impacted by a weak or strong shock wave

  • Zhong Ding (a1) and S. M. Gracewski (a1)


Two-dimensional simulations of gas cavity responses to both weak shocks (p ≤ 30 MPa) and strong shocks (p ranging from 500 to 2000 MPa) are performed using a finite volume method. An artificial viscosity to capture the shock and a simple, stable, and adaptive mesh generation technique have been developed for the computations. The details of the shock propagation, rarefaction, transmission and bubble wall motions are obtained from the numerical computations. A weak shock is defined in the present context as one that does not cause liquid jet formation upon impact with the bubble. For this case, a large pressure is created within the gas upon collapse due to rapid compression of the gas, ultimately causing the re-expansion of the bubble. The bubble collapse and re-expansion time predicted by this model agree well with spherically symmetric computations. When impacted by strong shock waves, the bubble will collapse and a liquid jet is formed that propagates through the bubble to the opposite bubble wall. Jet speeds as high as 2000 m s−1 are predicted by this model.



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The behaviour of a gas cavity impacted by a weak or strong shock wave

  • Zhong Ding (a1) and S. M. Gracewski (a1)


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