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Backscattering reduction for resonating obstacle in water-wave channel

  • Tomasz Bobinski (a1) (a2), Agnès Maurel (a3), Philippe Petitjeans (a1) and Vincent Pagneux (a4)


We consider the propagation of water waves in a waveguide with a surface-piercing circular cylinder. A plane wave interacting with the cylinder leads to a Fano resonance resulting in strong scattering with a large reflection coefficient. Using a smoothly varying bathymetry whose shape is optimized, we show both numerically and experimentally that broadband and robust backscattering reduction can be obtained below the first cutoff frequency.


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Backscattering reduction for resonating obstacle in water-wave channel

  • Tomasz Bobinski (a1) (a2), Agnès Maurel (a3), Philippe Petitjeans (a1) and Vincent Pagneux (a4)


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