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An experimental study of pressure fluctuations on fixed and oscillating square-section cylinders

  • P. W. Bearman (a1) and E. D. Obasaju (a1)


Measurements are presented of the pressure fluctuations acting on a stationary squaresection cylinder, with the front face normal to the flow, and one forced to oscillate, transverse to a flow, at amplitudes up to 25% of the length of a side. The range of reduced velocities investigated, 4–13, includes the vortex lock-in regime. At lock-in the amplification of the coefficient of fluctuating lift is found to be much less than that found for a circular cylinder. The variation of the phase angle, between lift and displacement, is also different from that measured on a circular cylinder, and vortex-induced oscillations are possible only at the high-reduced-velocity end of the lock-in range. At reduced velocities sufficiently far below lock-in the natural vortex-shedding mode is suppressed and vortices are found to form over the side faces at the body frequency. Intermittent reattachment occurs over the side faces and, for an amplitude of oscillation equal to 10% of the length of a side face, the time-mean drag coefficient can be reduced to 60% of its fixed-cylinder value.



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An experimental study of pressure fluctuations on fixed and oscillating square-section cylinders

  • P. W. Bearman (a1) and E. D. Obasaju (a1)


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