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An enthalpy-based hybrid lattice-Boltzmann method for modelling solid–liquid phase transition in the presence of convective transport



An extended lattice Boltzmann model is developed for simulating the convection–diffusion phenomena associated with solid–liquid phase transition processes. Macroscopic hydrodynamic variables are obtained through the solution of an evolution equation of a single-particle density distribution function, whereas, the macroscopic temperature field is obtained by solving auxiliary scalar transport equations. The novelty of the present methodology lies in the formulation of an enthalpy-based approach for phase-change modelling within a lattice-Boltzmann framework, in a thermodynamically consistent manner. Thermofluidic aspects of phase transition are handled by means of a modified enthalpy–porosity formulation, in conjunction with an appropriate enthalpy-updating closure scheme. Lattice-Boltzmann simulations of melting of pure gallium in a rectangular enclosure, Rayleigh–Bénard convection in the presence of directional solidification in a top-cooled cavity, and crystal growth during solidification of an undercooled melt agree well with the numerical and experimental results available in the literature, and provide substantial evidence regarding the upscaled computational economy provided by the present methodology.



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