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Beneficial effects of maternal swimming during pregnancy on offspring metabolism when the father is obese

  • R. Tarevnic (a1), F. Ornellas (a1), C. A. Mandarim-de-Lacerda (a1) and M. B. Aguila (a1)


We aimed to evaluate the impact of maternal exercise training on the offspring metabolism and body size caused by father obesity. C57BL/6 male 4-week-old mice were fed a high-fat diet (HF father) or control diet (C father), while equal age female mice were fed only a C diet and were separated into two groups: trained (T mother) and non-trained (NT mother), and at 12 weeks of age mice were mated. A continuous swimming protocol was applied for 10 weeks (before and during gestation), and offspring were followed since weaning until sacrifice (at 12 weeks of age). HF father, compared to C father, showed obesity, elevated total cholesterol (TC) and triglycerides (TG), and glucose intolerance. Both sexes HF/NT offspring showed hyperglycemia, glucose intolerance and high levels of TC and TG, without obesity. However, HF/T offspring showed data close to C/NT, demonstrating the beneficial effect of maternal exercise in the offspring of obese fathers.


Corresponding author

Address for correspondence: M. B. Aguila, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, UERJ, Centro Biomédico, Instituto de Biologia, Laboratório de Morfometria, Metabolismo e Doença Cardiovascular. Av 28 de Setembro 87 fds, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20551-030, Brazil. E-mail:


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