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Subunit components of casein micelles from bovine, ovine, caprine and equine milks

  • Tomotada Ono (a1), Hideaki Kohno (a1), Satoshi Odagiri (a1) and Toshio Takagi (a2)


Subunit components of ovine, caprine and equine casein micelles were separated by gel chromatography using a TSK-G4000SW high-performance column and the subunit components of the fractions analysed and compared with bovine casein. Molecular weights of the casein complexes were determined by the combined use of high-performance gel chromatography and low-angle laser light scattering. The caprine and ovine caseins were separated into three peaks (F2, F3 and F4) which were similar to those of bovine casein with respect to composition and molecular weight (500, 100 and 23 K). These F2, F3 and F4 peaks consisted mainly of αs- and κ-casein, αs- and β-casein and β-casein respectively. The equine casein was separated into two components corresponding to F3 and F4 of bovine casein. These F3 and F4 peaks consisted mainly of αs- and β-casein and β-casein respectively. The molecular weight of equine F3 (850 K) was different from that of the other three species. The contents of F2 and F4 in these caseins were dependent on the contents of κ-casein and β-casein respectively.



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Subunit components of casein micelles from bovine, ovine, caprine and equine milks

  • Tomotada Ono (a1), Hideaki Kohno (a1), Satoshi Odagiri (a1) and Toshio Takagi (a2)


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