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Somatic cell counts in relation to infection status of the goat udder

  • Despina Kalogridou-Vassiliadou (a1), Konstantinos Manolkidis (a1) and Afrodite Tsigoida (a1)


Bacteriological analyses, cell counts using the Fossomatic method and California Mastitis Test were performed on 1523 goat milk samples taken aseptically at monthly intervals throughout lactation from three goat herds. Of the goat udders, 81·4% were infected, minor pathogens being the most frequent isolates (65·7%). Differences in the level of infection by minor pathogens were found betwccn herds. Cell counts were influenced by stage of lactation and intramammary infection. Cell counts < 106 cells/ml were found in 80% of milk samples infected by major pathogens and in 45% infected by minor pathogens. About 81% of udders infected with major pathogens gave California Mastitis Test scores of 2 and 3, compared with 20% for uninfected goats. A high proportion (65%) of udders infected with minor pathogens also produced scores of 2 and 3. A significant positive correlation was found between the California Mastitis Test and cell counts. The use of cell counts for the detection of abnormal goat milk is discussed.



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Somatic cell counts in relation to infection status of the goat udder

  • Despina Kalogridou-Vassiliadou (a1), Konstantinos Manolkidis (a1) and Afrodite Tsigoida (a1)


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