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Seasonal influences on Cheddar cheese manufacture: influence of diet quality and stage of lactation

  • Bruce Kefford (a1), Mary P. Christian (a1), Brian J. Sutherland (a2), Jeffery J. Mayes (a2) and Chris Grainger (a1)...


The influence of diet quality and stage of lactation on Cheddar cheese moisture and yield were segregated and the effects of other potential variables (cow breed, milk protein genotype, age and level of mastitis) were minimized. An experiment was conducted using milk of cows in mid lactation or late lactation fed on high or low quality diets. Increased moisture in cheese was largely due to the influence of cow diet. Milk from cows given high quality diets produced lower moisture cheese. Cheese yield was influenced by diet and stage of lactation. Cows in late lactation fed on high quality diets always gave milks yielding the most cheese. Fat and protein recovery in cheese was not influenced by diet or stage of lactation. The results suggest that low quality diets may induce changes in the complex interactions of milk proteins and other components that affect cheesemaking.



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Seasonal influences on Cheddar cheese manufacture: influence of diet quality and stage of lactation

  • Bruce Kefford (a1), Mary P. Christian (a1), Brian J. Sutherland (a2), Jeffery J. Mayes (a2) and Chris Grainger (a1)...


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