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Seasonal changes in the technological and compositional quality of ewe's raw milks from commercial flocks under part-time grazing

  • Ana I Nájera (a1), Luis JR Barron (a1), Patricia Ribeiro (a2), Fanny Pèlissier (a3), Eunate Abilleira (a1), Francisco J Pérez-Elortondo (a3), Marta Albisu (a3), Jesús Salmerón (a3), Juan C Ruiz de Gordoa (a2), Mailo Virto (a2), Luis Oregi (a4), Roberto Ruiz (a4) and Mertxe de Renobales (a2)...


Rennet coagulation parameters, curd texture and gross compositional variables were studied in ewes' raw milk samples from nine commercial flocks using different concentrate:forage ratios and grazing times. From early lactation to March flocks were fed concentrate pellets and hay whereas from April to the end of lactation flocks were allowed to graze from 6 to 19 h/day receiving concentrate supplementation in the morning and evening. Milk from late-lactation flocks, when allowed to graze, showed higher content of fat, dry matter, protein, casein, soluble protein, total calcium, curd firmness and curd resistance to compression than the milk from early lactation flocks. Higher total calcium content and lower fat content were found when the early lactation flocks were fed high concentrate:forage ratio than when the flocks were fed low ratio. Curd firmness were lower for milk from flocks fed high concentrate:forage ratio, and the curd resistance to compression was greater, than for milk from flocks fed low ratio. At late lactation, when flocks grazed for a long time per day the total calcium content was higher than when the flocks grazed for a short time per day. Principal component analysis showed that protein and fat content were highly correlated with coagulum and curd firmness, whereas total calcium content was highly correlated with curd resistance to compression, and milk pH with rennet coagulation time.


Corresponding author

*For correspondence; e-mail: (Luis JR Barron). (Mertxe de Renobales)


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Seasonal changes in the technological and compositional quality of ewe's raw milks from commercial flocks under part-time grazing

  • Ana I Nájera (a1), Luis JR Barron (a1), Patricia Ribeiro (a2), Fanny Pèlissier (a3), Eunate Abilleira (a1), Francisco J Pérez-Elortondo (a3), Marta Albisu (a3), Jesús Salmerón (a3), Juan C Ruiz de Gordoa (a2), Mailo Virto (a2), Luis Oregi (a4), Roberto Ruiz (a4) and Mertxe de Renobales (a2)...


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