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Rapeseed and sunflower oilcake as supplements for dairy sheep: animal performance and milk fatty acid concentrations

  • Gustavo Amores (a1), Mailo Virto (a1), Ana Isabel Nájera (a1), Nerea Mandaluniz (a2), Josune Arranz (a2), María Angeles Bustamante (a1), Izaskun Valdivielso (a1), Juan Carlos Ruiz de Gordoa (a1), Aser García-Rodríguez (a2), Luis JR Barron (a1) and Mertxe de Renobales (a1)...


The influence of different amounts of oilseed cake (rapeseed and sunflower) on animal production parameters and fatty acid (FA) concentrations of the milk was studied in a Latxa dairy sheep experimental flock, both in winter (50% oilcakes; indoor feeding) and in spring (30% oilcakes; part-time grazing). The two different levels of the oilcakes tested did not affect animal production parameters or milk yield. Milk fat content and the fat/protein ratio decreased significantly with 30 and 50% sunflower cake. Yet, fat/protein ratio values were within the range for cheesemaking. Both levels of either type of oilcake tested significantly increased the concentrations of nutritionally interesting FA (CLA isomer C18:2cis-9, trans-11, vaccenic, oleic, and total unsaturated FA), while simultaneously decreasing the concentration of atherogenic FA. The atherogenicity indexes of milks from ewes fed 50 or 30% of either oilcake were significantly lower than those of their corresponding control. The use of cakes in winter increased the concentration of nutritionally interesting FA to the values obtained with part-time grazing.


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Rapeseed and sunflower oilcake as supplements for dairy sheep: animal performance and milk fatty acid concentrations

  • Gustavo Amores (a1), Mailo Virto (a1), Ana Isabel Nájera (a1), Nerea Mandaluniz (a2), Josune Arranz (a2), María Angeles Bustamante (a1), Izaskun Valdivielso (a1), Juan Carlos Ruiz de Gordoa (a1), Aser García-Rodríguez (a2), Luis JR Barron (a1) and Mertxe de Renobales (a1)...


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