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Pattern of serum protein fractions in dairy cows during different stages of gestation and lactation

  • Giuseppe Piccione (a1), Vanessa Messina (a1), Angelo Schembari (a1), Stefania Casella (a1), Claudia Giannetto (a1) and Daniela Alberghina (a1)...


In dairy cows the period of transition from late gestation to early lactation is recognized as inducing considerable metabolic adaptation. The aim of this study was to analyse modifications in serum protein values occurring during the dry and the transition period and during lactation in a group of five Holstein cows of high average milk production. For all subjects, selected on the basis of their pregnancy status, blood samples were collected at different physiological phases: dry period (−60, −30 d to calving), transition period (almost 7 d to calving, 7 d after calving), and lactation (weeks 2, 5 and 15 after calving), for a total of eight blood samples for each cow. On each blood sample total proteins and electrophoresis analysis were performed. On the data obtained, normally distributed (P<0·05, Kolmogorov-Smirnov's test), one-way Repeated Measure Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), was applied to evaluate the influence of different stages of gestation and lactation on the considered parameters. Results showed a significant effect on total proteins, α1-globulins, β-globulins, γ-globulins and albumin/globulin ratio. Most of the detected modifications were related to the transition from gestation to lactation, indicating that it is a period of great metabolic stress for cows. On the basis of the obtained results we can affirm that the pattern of serum protein fraction rn could give information about dehydration, plasma volume expansion and hepatic function occurring during the peripartum period in dairy cows.


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Pattern of serum protein fractions in dairy cows during different stages of gestation and lactation

  • Giuseppe Piccione (a1), Vanessa Messina (a1), Angelo Schembari (a1), Stefania Casella (a1), Claudia Giannetto (a1) and Daniela Alberghina (a1)...


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