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A model for the assembly of bovine casein micelles from F2 and F3 subunits

  • Tomotada Ono (a1) and Takayuki Obata (a1)


Casein micelles were reassembled from mixtures of F2 and F3 subunits, the major subunits of bovine casein micelles, in varying ratios. The average radius of the reassembled micelles was inversely proportional to the F2 content. Based on this relationship, a model for casein micelle assembly is proposed in which the F3 subunit forms the core of the micelle with F2 subunit occurring on the surface. Micelle size can subsequently be defined by the F2 content.



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A model for the assembly of bovine casein micelles from F2 and F3 subunits

  • Tomotada Ono (a1) and Takayuki Obata (a1)


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