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The fungicidal properties of certain spray-fluids. III

  • E. Horton (a1) and E. S. Salmon (a1)


The following solutions were tested with respect to their fungicidal properties towards the “powdery,” conidial stage of S. Humuli on young hop-leaves in the greenhouse:

(1) Disodium arsenate, containing 0·096 per cent. As2O5 proved fungicidal and killed also patches of leaf-cells underlying the mildewpatches, but did not otherwise injure the leaf. A solution containing 0·02 per cent. As2O5 was fungicidal without killing any leaf-cells.

(2) Trisodium arsenate containing 0·077 per cent. As2O5 proved fungicidal.

(3) Dicalcium arsenate. containing 0·048 per cent. As2O5 proved fungicidal; containing 0·024 per cent. As2O5 the solution was apparently just fungicidal, but with 0·01 per cent. As2O5 the solution was practically non-fungicidal.

(4) Tricalcium arsenate containing 0·076 per cent. As2O5 is fungicidal; containing 0·02 per cent. As2O5 it possesses some fungicidal value, but with 0·01 per cent. As2O5 it is practically non-fungicidal.

(5) The following constituents of lime-sulphur wash proved nonfungicidal: calcium sulphate, sulphite, thiosulphate, hydroxyhydrosulphide.

(6) Calcium polysulphide, at a strength of 0·11 per cent., proved fungicidal.



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The fungicidal properties of certain spray-fluids. III

  • E. Horton (a1) and E. S. Salmon (a1)


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