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The availability of the potassium in some scottish soils

  • Robert Stewart (a1)


(1) The solubility of the potash in 34 soil samples from 13 soils typical of large areas in the East of Scotland has been determined by the methods of chemical analysis using (a) hot concentrated hydrochloric acid, and (b) 1 per cent, citric acid solution, and the values obtained compared with the quantities of potash existing in the exchangeable form. The total mineral potash has been determined for six samples and Neubauer's method of analysis has been applied to 10 samples and again compared with the exchangeable potash.

(2) The average value of the total mineral potash in the soils examined was 2·04 per cent., which indicates the presence of comparatively large reserves of potash in these soils. No relation was found to exist between the total potash, and the quantities soluble in hot concentrated hydrochloric acid.

(3) The average value of the HCl-soluble potash was 0·50 per cent, and in the profile samples there was generally an increase in solubility with increase in depth of soil.



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The availability of the potassium in some scottish soils

  • Robert Stewart (a1)


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