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Value of Temperature-Activated Polymer-Coated Seed in the Northern Corn Belt

  • David W. Archer (a1) and Russ W. Gesch (a1)


The value of an innovative seed technology is estimated in a discrete stochastic programming framework for a representative farm in the northern Corn Belt. Temperature-activated polymer-coated seed has the potential to increase net returns by increasing yields due to early planting and use of longer season varieties, as well as reducing yield loss due to delayed planting. A biophysical simulation model was used to estimate die impact of polymer-coated seed on corn and soybean yields and on field day availability for five planting periods, three crop varieties, and two tillage systems on two different soils under varying weather conditions.



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Value of Temperature-Activated Polymer-Coated Seed in the Northern Corn Belt

  • David W. Archer (a1) and Russ W. Gesch (a1)


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