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The Potential for Revenue Insurance Policies in the South

  • Jerry R. Skees (a1), Joy Harwood (a2), Agapi Somwaru (a3) and Janet Perry (a3)


The 1996 Farm Act and the 1994 Crop Insurance Reform Act are recent examples of policy changes that have increased risks for U.S. farmers. New products are emerging to help farmers manage risks. This article examines some of the policy changes, farmer responses, and new risk-sharing products. The focus turns to the new revenue insurance products and their potential in the South. While there are reasons to believe revenue insurance should be attractive in the South, any revenue products that use existing crop insurance rates will face difficulties since poor actuarial performance in the South has resulted in relatively high rates.



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The Potential for Revenue Insurance Policies in the South

  • Jerry R. Skees (a1), Joy Harwood (a2), Agapi Somwaru (a3) and Janet Perry (a3)


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