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A Model of the Stubble Replacement Decision for Florida Sugarcane Growers

  • Donald R. Crane (a1) and Thomas H. Spreen (a1)


Sugarcane has been cultivated since at least 8000 B.C. (Barnes, p. 2) and today is grown throughout the world's tropical and subtropical regions. In Florida, sugarcane has been produced commercially since 1920 (Zepp). Before 1960, however, Florida sugar production was not significant; only three mills were in operation. With the ban on importation of Cuban sugar and the lifting of domestic sugarcane acreage restrictions in 1960, the industry grew rapidly.



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A Model of the Stubble Replacement Decision for Florida Sugarcane Growers

  • Donald R. Crane (a1) and Thomas H. Spreen (a1)


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