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A Flexible Parametric Family for the Modeling and Simulation of Yield Distributions

  • Octavio A. Ramirez (a1), Tanya U. McDonald (a2) and Carlos E. Carpio (a3)


The distributions currently used to model and simulate crop yields are unable to accommodate a substantial subset of the theoretically feasible mean-variance-skewness-kurtosis (MVSK) hyperspace. Because these first four central moments are key determinants of shape, the available distributions might not be capable of adequately modeling all yield distributions that could be encountered in practice. This study introduces a system of distributions that can span the entire MVSK space and assesses its potential to serve as a more comprehensive parametric crop yield model, improving the breadth of distributional choices available to researchers and the likelihood of formulating proper parametric models.



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A Flexible Parametric Family for the Modeling and Simulation of Yield Distributions

  • Octavio A. Ramirez (a1), Tanya U. McDonald (a2) and Carlos E. Carpio (a3)


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