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Feeder Cattle Price Differentials in Georgia Teleauctions

  • Steven C. Turner (a1), Nancy S. Dykes (a1) and John McKissick (a1)


Three Georgia feeder cattle teleauction markets were analyzed from 1977 to 1988 to estimate the impacts of cattle characteristics and market conditions on prices. Cattle characteristic price impacts were similar to those in previous studies. The impact of feeder cattle futures price on teleauction price was positive but varied across markets. Optimal lot size ranged from 143 to 276 head. In one market, 14 lots were necessary to generate positive price impacts. Additional buyers were estimated to have a $.30/cwt per buyer impact on price.



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Feeder Cattle Price Differentials in Georgia Teleauctions

  • Steven C. Turner (a1), Nancy S. Dykes (a1) and John McKissick (a1)


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