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Acreage Response Under Farm Programs for Major Southeastern Field Crops

  • Patricia A. Duffy (a1), Kasazi Shalishali (a2) and Henry W. Kinnucan (a1)


An expected utility model that includes output price and yield uncertainty was used to estimate cotton, com, and soybean acreage response equations for the Southeast. The model appeared to fit the soybean and corn data well, resulting in own-price elasticity estimates of 0.317 for com and 0.727 for soybeans. When applied to cotton acreage, however, the model did not yield satisfactory results. When elasticity was allowed to change over time, however, statistical results for the cotton equation improved, yielding an own-price elasticity of 0.915 at data means.



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Acreage Response Under Farm Programs for Major Southeastern Field Crops

  • Patricia A. Duffy (a1), Kasazi Shalishali (a2) and Henry W. Kinnucan (a1)


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