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Disulfiram induced peripheral neuropathy: between the devil and the deep blue sea

  • Caragh Behan (a1), Abbie Lane (a2) and Mary Clarke (a2)


Disulfiram is widely used for the aversive treatment of alcoholism. It is well tolerated in most patients; however 1:15,000 will develop peripheral neuropathy, which is frequently misdiagnosed as alcoholic neuropathy. Most cases present with a motor-sensory neuropathy of the lower limbs, which tends to improve when administration ceases, though some cases may be left with permanent sequelae. This adverse reaction can be avoided by using the lowest effective dose. A literature review using the Medline revealed 66 citations relating disulfiram to peripheral neuropathy, and the number of cases reported is small.



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Disulfiram induced peripheral neuropathy: between the devil and the deep blue sea

  • Caragh Behan (a1), Abbie Lane (a2) and Mary Clarke (a2)


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