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  • David L. Denlinger (a1)


The study of life history traits in tropical insects is still in its infancy. We are just beginning to appreciate that tropical insects do not all develop and reproduce continuously throughout the year. Developmental and reproductive events may be as highly seasonal in tropical species as they are in insects from the temperate zone. Yet, little is known about the evolutionary forces that shape the life history traits of tropical species. What are the developmental options and what dictates which option is expressed? What are the ultimate factors determining whether a species will diapause or develop without interruption? What other life history traits are linked to the decision to diapause or not to diapause? What environmental cues are utilized by tropical insects to regulate seasonal cycles, and how are these cues translated into meaningful hormonal signals that direct the insect's development fate?


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  • David L. Denlinger (a1)


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