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Economic Evaluation of A Support Program for Caregivers of Demented Elderly

  • Michael F. Drummond (a1), E. Ann Mohide (a2), Michelle Tew (a2), David L. Streiner (a2), Dorothy M. Pringle (a3) and J. Raymond Gilbert (a2)...


An economic evaluation was undertaken concurrently with a randomized trial comparing a Caregiver Support Program (CSP) with existing conventional community nursing care for those caring for elderly relatives at home. The differences in resource consumption were compared with changes in caregiver quality of life, as measured by the Caregiver Quality of Life Instrument (CQLI). A 20% difference from baseline in the CQLI favored the experimental (CSP) group, although this did not reach conventional levels of statistical significance. A comparison of improvement in quality of life with costs implies an incremental cost per quality-adjusted life year gained of Canadian $20,000 for the CSP, which compares favorably with other health care interventions. Further, larger studies are required to confirm this result.



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Economic Evaluation of A Support Program for Caregivers of Demented Elderly

  • Michael F. Drummond (a1), E. Ann Mohide (a2), Michelle Tew (a2), David L. Streiner (a2), Dorothy M. Pringle (a3) and J. Raymond Gilbert (a2)...


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