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Traceable dynamic measurement of mechanical quantities: objectives and first results of this european project

  • C. Bartoli (a1), M. F. Beug (a2), T. Bruns (a2), C. Elster (a3), T. Esward (a4), L. Klaus (a2), A. Knott (a4), M. Kobusch (a2), S. Saxholm (a5) and C. Schlegel (a2)...


Nine european national metrology institutes (NMIs) are collaborating in a new project funded by the european metrology research programme (EMRP) to establish traceable dynamic measurement of the mechanical quantities force, pressure, and torque. The aim of this joint research project (JRP) is to develop appropriate calibration methods, mathematical models, and uncertainty evaluation. The duration of the project is 3 years for a global amount of €3.6 million. It began in September 2011.


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