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Evolution of White Dwarfs and their Physics

  • Giora Shaviv (a1)


White Dwarfs (WD) are one of the fields in stellar structure in which the so-called “input physics” is not yet completely clear today. In particular the equation of state (EOS) of WD affects directly one of the eminent problems in present day research of WD, namely is the “paucity” of low luminosity WD real? The reply depends in a sensitive way on the physical properties of the dense matter. For this reason we go in some detail into the physical problems of the “input physics”. We distinguish between the problem of the interior-fully ionized matter and the envelope-partially ionized matter. Unfortunately space-time is not sufficient to cover in any detail the EOS of the envelope although this problem is extremely important to the evolution.

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      Evolution of White Dwarfs and their Physics
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      Evolution of White Dwarfs and their Physics
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      Evolution of White Dwarfs and their Physics
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Evolution of White Dwarfs and their Physics

  • Giora Shaviv (a1)


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