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Risk of Tuberculous Infection Among Healthcare Workers in a Tertiary-Care Hospital in Ankara, Turkey

  • Ramazan Keskiner (a1), Önder Ergönül (a1), Ziya Demiroglu (a1), Sebnem Eren (a1), Nurcan Baykam (a1) and Basak Dokuzoguz (a1)...



To determine risk factors for tuberculin skin test (TST) positivity among healthcare workers (HCWs).


Two-step TST was performed in 2002.


Tertiary-care hospital in Ankara, Turkey.


A sample of 491 hospital HCWs were included. Information related to demographics, profession, work duration, department, and individual and family history of tuberculosis (TB) was obtained by a structured questionnaire.


Four hundred eight (83%) had two-step TST positivity. On multivariate analysis, male physicians (relative risk [RR], 1.5; 95% confidence interval [CI95], 1.23–1.69; P = .001), nurses (RR, 1.5; CI95, 1.29–1.66; P = .005), radiology technicians (RR, 1.7; CI95, 1.35–1.73; P = .002), laboratory technicians (RR, 1.6; CI95, 1.3–1.74; P = .007), and male housekeepers (RR, 1.6; CI95, 1.38–1.7; P < .001) had a higher risk than did female physicians. Among laboratory technicians, radiology technicians had the highest TST positivity (85%). HCWs working for less than 1 year (RR, 0.8; CI95, 0.72–0.98; P = .027) had a lower risk of infection. The HCWs having bacille Calmette–Guérin vaccination (RR, 1.12; CI95, 1.08–1.45) had higher TST positivity.


Male physicians, nurses, and laboratory technicians had increased risk of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection in this setting, but community exposure likely accounted for most infections.


Corresponding author

Ankara Numune Education andResearch Hospital, Infectious Diseases Department, Ankara, Turkey


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Risk of Tuberculous Infection Among Healthcare Workers in a Tertiary-Care Hospital in Ankara, Turkey

  • Ramazan Keskiner (a1), Önder Ergönül (a1), Ziya Demiroglu (a1), Sebnem Eren (a1), Nurcan Baykam (a1) and Basak Dokuzoguz (a1)...


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