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A Randomized Crossover Trial to Decrease Bacterial Contamination on Hospital Scrubs

  • Mallory A. Boutin (a1), Kerri A. Thom (a2), Min Zhan (a2) and J. Kristie Johnson (a1) (a2)


Healthcare worker attire may become contaminated with pathogenic organisms during a normal shift. We performed a randomized crossover study to assess whether treatment with an antimicrobial coating would decrease bacterial contamination on scrubs. Thirty percent of all scrubs were contaminated; there was no difference in the rate of contamination between the intervention and control groups

Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2014;35(11):1411–1413


Corresponding author

University of Maryland School of Medicine, University of Maryland Medical Center, 22 South Greene Street, Room N2W69, Baltimore, Maryland 21201 (


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